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If you are looking for any cross bow for archery then you are at right place.

We at CROSSBOW2006.ORG having large collection of cross bow which are of different size and type.

According to size and type price varies.

We are also proving the option of online paying as well as cash on delivery option.

Our cross bow are Better against armor

A crossbow quarrel is inherently more efficient at penetrating armor than an arrow. With an arrow some energy is lost in arrow flex when the arrow strikes. You can’t make an arrow arbitrarily stiff because of the ‘swim’ factor I mentioned above. Arrows that don’t penetrate will typically break near the head. This is lost energy. Longbow arrows designed as armor piercers were reinforced at this weak point, but they still needed to flex and this also speaks to the cost and difficulty of supplying (above) special arrows for special occasions.

A quarrel, on the other hand, is very stiff and can withstand many hundreds of pounds of force from the firing without flexing at all. This will make a very efficient penetrator.

Add to this the fact that a crossbow can be made much more powerful. A ‘medium’ field crossbow with a stirrup and belt hook (about 350 lb draw) is roughly equivalent to a longbow in hitting power. A heavier siege crossbow with a mechanical cocking system can be in excess of 1000lbs and hit much much harder than any longbow – better for sieges as well

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